Smarter and Safer Homes for All

Sentri instantly connects you with your home to keep you safer and closer to what matters most.

Simple Setup in Seconds

Hassle-free set up. No phone, tools, or extra wires needed.

Secure Your Home

Designed to Complement You

Intelligent notifications straight to your phone -- whether it's triggered by unexpected activity or a change in your home's environment. Sentri's mobile apps pack the intelligence of your home straight to your phone, giving you the power to be home anywhere.

Protect What Matters

Check up on your home and your loved ones (or your pets!) at any time with real-time video monitoring.

Be Home Anywhere

Being away doesn't mean you should know what's going on. Sentri organizes all your alerts for you in a timeline -- it captures and notifies you of unexpected motion and tracks how your home's environment changes over time, whether that's spikes and dips in temperature, or a change in your home's air quality.

Learn Your Home's

Get real-time readings of your home's temperature, humidity, and air quality with Sentri's built-in sensors. Curious how your home environment changes over time? Get daily, weekly, or even monthly trends.

Stay in Control
Anytime Anywhere

Forgot to turn off a light on your way out? Sentri has you covered. Access all your home's smart devices from one central app.

Sentri App is Avalible on the  


Customize the Sentri background to match your home, style, or mood.

Customizable background

Place Sentri on a shelf or hang it up on a wall.