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Guide for Selecting a Smart Home System

The Guide for Selecting a Smart Home System

Multifunctional smart home systems which provide comfort and secure housing are gaining more popularity year by year. Firstly, it is caused by the increase in technological literacy of the population worldwide. Secondly, such equipment is gradually becoming cheaper, which makes it more accessible to citizens despite their income. So, what is considered a smart home? […]

Sentry Security Monitoring Review

Sentry Security Monitoring Review

Suppose you need a smart artificial intelligence (AI) tool to monitor your home safety. After all, you cannot stay in 24 hours and control everything. What if a thief breaks in to steal something? No more worries as Sentry smart home solution guarantees reliable protection for your house. The Sentry system is one of the […]

How Much Does a Home Automation System Cost

How Much Does a Home Automation System Cost?

A few years ago, when the words “smart house” were mentioned, most people associated them with an interesting yet useless in everyday life toy for the wealthiest. Nowadays, the attitude to smart houses is gradually changing as technology is becoming more accessible than ever. The question is how much a smart home automation system may […]

Cloud And Local Storage for Smart Home Systems

Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage for the Smart Home System

There are numerous independent standards spread throughout the smart home sector. The systems can generally be divided into two categories: personal home cloud storage and local storage. If this is your first time using a smart home system, picking the right storage can be difficult. It is necessary to understand the use cases and compare […]