Sentry Security Monitoring Review

Sentry Security Monitoring Review

Suppose you need a smart artificial intelligence (AI) tool to monitor your home safety. After all, you cannot stay in 24 hours and control everything. What if a thief breaks in to steal something? No more worries as Sentry smart home solution guarantees reliable protection for your house.

The Sentry system is one of the ways to protect your residence from various threats. This solution allows users to double their monitoring agent and guard productivity using Deep Learning Video Analytics. You can try its basic features on a free test account to understand whether this solution works for you.

Sentry and Its Features

Since 1985, Sentry Security has served the Chicago region with full-service residential and commercial security systems. It is a local, independent business that aims to provide high-quality safety goods and satisfy customers.

Sentry is the only Chicago-area company to meet the performance criteria of Best Picks, an independent list of quality home care contractors in several major metropolitan areas, and was named America’s Largest Security Company in 2011 by SDM Magazine. It was ranked 83rd in the ranking.

Sentry includes the functionality listed below:

  • Multiple Account Management.
  • Auto Software Integration.
  • Real-Time Alerts.
  • Safety Team Collaboration.
  • Distantly Arm/Disarm System.
  • Scheduling & Agent Shift Management.

Using Sentry, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on in the location of your interest.

What Problems Will Integration with Sentry All-in-One Home Monitoring System Help Solve?

Many households and corporations choose Sentry for numerous reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Enhanced Protection

Sentry AI has been trained to operate security cameras under less-than-ideal circumstances. Its product’s fundamental design is built on security use cases.

  • Top-Level Accuracy

Using the latest AI tech solutions, especially deep learning, Sentry AI reduces false alarms by 99% and minimizes missed events.

  • Self-Learning

Sentry AI continuously adjusts algorithms based on user feedback and self-learning to improve performance at the camera level.

In general, Sentry is a free tool with a paid subscription for more features. It allows users not to get nervous because of their home security and data confidentiality while they are away. It works well for many industries.

Industry-Wide Coverage

Sentry Security offers distinctive security solutions for a range of industries, including:

  • Healthcare — Compliance with safety standards for hospitals, clinics and other care centers.
  • Municipalities & Parks — Provides 24/7 video surveillance and active shooter with weapons detection for park districts, community buildings and courts.
  • Hospitality — Meets the needs of hotel, restaurant, resort, theater, and casino guests regarding their way of life.
  • Religion — Guard sacred spaces against theft, vandalism, and acts of terrorism and violence.
  • Commerce — Commercial structures should enhance neighborhood safety, minimize liability concerns, and adhere to federal 911 requirements.
  • Multifamily buildings — Offers simple access control for residents and managers while keeping an eye out for situations like fire, smoke and carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Retail — Creates a safe and secure shopping environment through employee and traffic monitoring.
  • Entrepreneurship — Installs integrated security systems to protect small valuables, reduce theft, discourage fraud and improve customer service.
  • Not-for-profit security — Includes specific security solutions for public service organizations, community centers and more.
  • Senior care — Preventing unauthorized access, keeping track of resident locations, and upholding requirements for accredited assisted living.
  • Education — Installs easy-to-use security solutions in daycare centers, K-12 private and public schools, college campuses, and other institutions.
  • Cannabis shops — Provides additional security for employees, customers and inventory.

Moreover, Sentry is one of the home monitoring devices any household would benefit from.

Customer Care Quality

Excellent customer service is a point of pride for Sentry Security. The company has a high Nett Promoter Score, which indicates that a large portion of its business comes from client recommendations.

The business offers great customer service to homes and businesses in the Chicago area, in addition to a complete security system. So, perhaps, the only drawback of Sentry is that it is limited by region.


Sentry Security Monitoring is a great tool for taking care of the premise’s security. The company offers a variety of customized artificial intelligence instruments to suit each client’s requirements. Sentry tools are simple to deploy, allowing customers to respond faster to risks. Camera health check and real-time analytics are the primary factors that make this brand stand out from other businesses offering similar smart solutions. We hope that the advantages and disadvantages of Sentry smart devices mentioned above will help you understand whether this system works for your home.